There are moments in history when remarkable mortals engage in humbling self-assessment and consequently, embrace the option of honor as a means of dignified penance to secure the remnants of their legacy for posterity. Such conduct is often exhibited by political leaders with the uncommon gift of self-respect and altruistic inclination for collective societal progress.

The exhibition of principled leadership introspection being projected here never proceeds from character deficits of persons afflicted by intoxication of power wrapped in unbridled ego.

Unfortunately, the predictable end of such leaders has always been disastrous in addition to the outright rubbishing of whatever credits they may have previously acquired.

Oshiomhole should be counseled that he gravely faces the risk of such historical damnation if he continues to thread on the current path of catastrophe.
To be clear of equivocation,, the APC national chairman, Adams Aliu Oshiomhole, does not, and will never, qualify in the revered column of remarkable mortals or great political figures. However, the ex-governor could still exigently draw lessons from the exemplary lives of distinguished men and women who have confronted the approximate situation of the crisis in which he (Oshiomhole) is currently engulfed, yet such leaders displayed departing memorable gestures of commitment and sacrifice for the greater good of society beyond fervent self-aggrandizement.

Consequently, if ex-governor Oshiomhole has any sense of history and a modicum of honor, the APC leader will quickly and quietly resign his position with a self-deprecating apology that could actually and eventually prove beneficial to Oshiomhole’s political future, if any. It has always been the commonsensical guidance that all socially- perspective and politically-conscious actors, both in entertainment theatres and in real life’s arena, as in politics, should know when to quit the stage. The applause has since dissipated, the misguided music-like adulation for Oshiomhole has reached a miserable crescendo. But the diminutive-political actor is unable to look far into the audience, and so the APC chairman continues to prance and dance even as the hall was emptying out.

This is the disgraceful outcome for a demented aspiring Emperor, the closing chapters of the life’s chronicles of an insane King who always assumed that he was fully adorned but was actually without clothes, he is now being booed out of the stage in stark nakedness. The ex-governor is putting the historically proud Etsako heritage and the whole of Edo State people in a situation of national embarrassment. The Elders Council of Oshiomhole’s Iyamho hometown would wish that the ex-governor retires quietly back to the community to perform some traditional ablution for his own mental and psychological healing.

Faithful APC members across the country are saying in unison that Oshiomhole Must Go for the APC to reach its destined location in Niageria’s and World Black history.

If the national chairman does not go voluntarily, he must be constitutionally and democratically showed the exit door by all concerned leaders and members of the party. It’s time for the APC to breathe free without being suffocated.

A skilled politician that people were duped to believe that Oshiomhole was, should have resigned immediately after the 2019 General Elections, when and where the national chairman’s gross organizational incompetence cost the APC irrecoverable electoral losses. It is difficult to pinpoint any particular area where the ex-governor has added value to the existence of the party since his assumption of office as the national chairman. Apart from his proclivity for flamboyant false claims of gains for APC, the ex-governor has been a monstrous albatross on the neck of the party with self-induced existential crisis rocking the progressive congress in all the regions of the country. The APC is bleeding arterially from the wounds inflicted by no one else, but by its own national chairman.

Oshiomhole has since become a hand grenade causing serial implosions within the APC.
This is not some targeted destructive fiction. The facts are incontrovertible. APC had 23 governors in 2015, by 2019, the party had lost 5 states because of the treacherous primary nomination games which Oshiomhole was playing. Even when the APC wins Bayelsa and Kogi gubernatorial races as expected in the November 16th 2019 elections, Oshiomhole still leaves the party with a deficit of four states.
APC equally suffered humiliating losses in its number of Senators and the House of Representative membership.

Where is the accountability of leadership by Oshiomhole? Even with such trail of horrendous failures, the ever garrulous Oshiomhole would show no compunction of sobriety for re-evaluation and reflection. The ex-governor has of course never be known throughout his labour and political career for inclination to responsiveness and responsibility in leadership. Otherwise, how would any national chairman not immediately convene either a National Executive Committee (NEC) or National Working Committee (NWC) meetings after the 2019 General Elections to attempt an explanation for the debacle that happened in the APC-strong North West State of Zamfara.

It will remain an indelible blight on Oshiomhole’s already dubious profile that the APC lost absolutely all elected positions in Zamfara State because of the shenanigans of the national chairman during the primaries. Hence today, there’s a PDP governor in Zamfara Governor’s lodge who did not win election but benefitted from the confusion perpetrated by Oshiomhole. The same national chairman-generated misfortune turned to a harvest of good fortunes for Zaamfara PDP as all the APC elected members of House of Assembly and those of the national legislative chambers were all disqualified on the grounds of unconstitutional primaries.

Is the architect of the Zamfara electoral disaster going to be the same egotistic power-drunk captain that will be left to steer the primary election situation in Edo State for 2020? Are the genuinely concerned members and particularly the leadership apex of the APC going to watch an obstinate, self-centered character like Oshiomhole to put the only APC state in the South-South in jeopardy?

For a mass majority of the party members in Edo State, they cannot further delay in pressuring their constituent leaders to activate a rescue mission to save the state from returning to Philistine -PDP land of political bondage.

Knowing concretely well the precariousness of allowing the ex-governor to unabatedly generate crisis and fractionalize the party in Edo State as he’s doing elsewhere, it is very appropriate and propitious that one of the largest democratic organs of the party in Edo State, the state executive committee (SEC), has sanctioned the ex-governor with a suspension. Therefore, it means that Oahiomhole has become the first national chairman of a political party without a home base in Nigeria’s contemporary politics. Hopefully, the ex-governor will realize that the suspension resolution represents the opening lines of his dirge except he reverses himself from the path of



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