By Tonnie Obasogie

Let’s state the obvious;
That there was a Proclamation by the Gov, His Excellency Mr Goodwin Nogheghase Obaseki on the 14th of June, 2019; FACT!

That, the current Edo State House of Assembly held it’s first session with 10 authentically inaugurated members, and proceedings presided over by the elected Speaker on the 17th of June,2019; FACT!

That, the other 14 members-elect REFUSED to be administered the Oath of Allegiance and Membership of the House in line with the provision of Section 94(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 ( as amended), to accord them the LEGITIMATE STATUS of the House; FACT!

That, the Leadership of the House declared their Seats VACANT in a resolution passed on the 14th of December 2019, in view of their continuous absence from the House, and the need to secure a representation for their various Constituencies via a bye-election; FACT!


That, the infamous 14boys ran to the Federal High Court in Abuja, challenging the constitutionality, or otherwise, of the Declaration; A SUIT STILL PENDING! FACT!

That, the PDP’s application for a joinder as interested party, that must be heard in the Suit, is also pending; FACT!

That, thus, as it presently stands, their Seats having been Legally and Validly declared by the Authority saddled with such powers, and as well, by the fact that the Resolution of the House is yet to be set aside by the Court they ran to (or any other court for that matter), in VERY clear term, they are NOW ORDINARY MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY; FACT!

That, in other words, not until all contending issues are resolved one way or another, THESE 14, FORMERLY addressed as members-elect, HAVE NO BUSINESS AS REPS IN THE EDO STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY; FACT!

THEN, one just wonder, inspite of ALL THESE GLARING FACTS, that even any lay man could DISCERN, why some supposedly acclaimed ADULTS – OSHIOMUMU and his cohorts could resort to DANCING NAKED IN THE KING SQUARE!

My God! To think that i thought these people were clever lots; then i remembered that even as a national chairman, oshiomhole could not discern the Authority of the Ward Chairman to remove him from office.

Well, it is often said that those the gods want to KILL, they first make mad. Another said that, when the time for the dog to die has come, it would not hear the sound of its owner’s whistle. And another also said, that, when it time for the snail to experience a change from its comfort zone, it refuses to hide under the leaves. E DO FOR NOW!

Those who have eyes will see, come September 19th, the day of Reconning.

Eheen! Na waoh! IZE-IYAMU HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY! Na so e easy? I Laugh in afemai, so that he can understand.

I Rest My Case Boh!

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