Consequent to the flimsiness and emptiness of the invented profile which catapulted ex-governor Oshiomhole to political prominence, Nature, and Karma are bound to ultimately create the conditions for the unraveling and exposure of the unvarnished truths before the jury of history. Perhaps, Providence could have been kinder if Oshiomhole was able to develop a character for appreciation and humility for what has been mostly fortuitously bestowed on him; rather than look with teachable sobriety at the reversal of his ill-fated heritage, Oshiomhole has increasingly become pregnant with hubris in tandem with the ballooning of his dubiously acquired wealth. The son of a Kogi village migrant laborer who benefitted from the magnanimity and hospitality of Iyamho people has today run amok; Oshiomhole has jettisoned all the innate touch of his humble and precarious beginnings and even his pretentious fidelity to the working class – the ex-governor has become delusive with the aphrodisiac of power and privileges.
Oshiomhole’s journey of tragic decline and disastrous fall is inevitable. However, the ex-governor must not be allowed to destroy and factionalize the APC as he tries to employ one of his trained tricks for personal survival. Such sinister inclination by the ex-governor is increasingly clearer as he is traumatically desperate to hold on to political power at any cost; the ex-governor recently squandered whatever prestige is left of his stained credentials, when the APC Chairman colluded to fake the story that his (Oshiomhole) Benin-City residence was attacked, supposedly by youths loyal to Governor Obaseki. The story of the attack was unquestionably a juvenile-prank rooted tale that must have been the creation of the notorious gang of violent thugs and sociopathic public transport park touts with whom Oshiomhole enthusiastically fraternizes.
Knowing the danger of allowing such inflammable and acidic tale to gain wider traction, Edo State Commissioner of Police Dan Mallam Muhammed promptly and publicly instructed that nothing resembling the story of the attack being spread by Oshiomhole’s agents was true. The instance of the fake attack story speaks to the toxicity of the barbaric mindset by Oshiomhole’s group to seize power by any means possible, even at the cost of unleashing societal mayhem on innocent Edo people. Now that Edo State was spared the spread of the fire of civil anarchy which could have resulted from the binge of murderous revenge attacks by rival political groups, will the ex-governor pledge to desist from such conduct?
No earnest APC member can honestly deny today that the APC is bleeding from the artery consequent on the wounds inflicted by the national chairman of the party. The Emperor-like tendencies of Oshiomhole is putting the electoral fortunes of the party in grave jeopardy across the country in the November 2019 and 2020 off-year elections. The catastrophic and inexplicable loss of the APC in Zamafara State during the 2019 General Election was all due to the shenanigan of Oshiomhole. To date, party members are possibly still in courts trying to settle matters that arose from the widespread intense dissatisfaction and protests against the party’s primary election so horrendously bungled under the watch of the national chairman.
It is no surprise that Oshiomhole has become cagey and evasive about convening or constituting any major and powerful national organs of the party. Oshiomhole does not want to see a functioning Board of Trustee of APC, he deliberately seeks to erode the powers of the executive and national working committees of APC out of the cowardly fear that his transgressions will be exposed. Of course, he must harbor the legitimate fears that he would not survive any of such well-constituted meetings especially one attended by national leaders of integrity who might call for the immediate removal of a chairman who has represented more of a deficit than an asset during his regrettable tenure at the helm of the party’s affairs thus far.
But the day of reckoning is coming very soon for Oshiomhole because the APC chairman lacks the essential core of the character, of honor and altruism to change his path of outrageous conduct. But perhaps Oshiomhole has become so delusional to believe that he could escape the inscrutability of Karma and nature. He must remember the popular chant of the people who not too long ago got fed up with one of their prominent and powerful leaders, ‘’ No man is God’’ was their mantra. Oshiomhole could use a dosage of instructive humility and reflection from this message.
Oshiomhole cannot continue to so recklessly and diabolically set fire on the bridges that were cooperatively constructed for the emerged leader to cross to fame and glory. Setting ablaze the ladder on which he climbed has been the life –long modus operandi of Oshiomhole. This is the unvarnished profile of a serial traitor and consummate opportunist.
After his rise to power in politics, one of Oshiomhole’s immediate action was to appropriate the land of Iyahmo people to lay out his exotic hotel-like palace. Oshiomhole obviously wanted to compensate for his father’s lack of a home in the ex-governors years as a teenager. But he did not have to seize land from the community to announce that he was diverting the commonwealth of Edo people to private use. He could have followed the laid down rule as requested by Iyahmo village elders who are still silently complaining today about the conduct of the ex-governor in his quest to seize the choice land of which some of the areas were sacred ancestral locations. So he returned with political power to tyrannically dictate to the same community that offered his vagrant father ( Alhaji Aliu) a place to survive after being chased out from his community in the now Kogi State. This is how Oshiomhole repays communal magnanimity with stupendous ingratitude.
Such conduct is not by any means surprising because Oshiomhole is a congenital traitor, someone whose DNA seems programmed to betray, renege and dishonor agreements once he achieves his own individual goal. He has for instance now declared war on Benin people of Edo South Senatorial extraction. But it was from the same political zone that Oshiomhole initially found some of the biggest initial donors for his first-ever gubernatorial run in 2007. But for the financial assistance and magnanimity of some wealthy Benin citizens, Oshiomhole would have withered in the eternity of political obscurity. However, Oshiomhole eventually turned on attaining the power to ridicule and humiliate all those who helped him to stabilize the ladder on which he rose.
Truth is that the APC national chairman is perceived by the majority of Nigerians as woefully lacking respectable character features just as his trustworthiness poll is abysmally low. And within the party, the national chairman has failed to inspire confidence and engender solidarity. OSHIOMHOLE MUST GO for APC to survive.


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