Oshiomhole: A National Portrait of Political Deficits and Liabilities PART 1

The core essence of the meaning of the word, honour, as well as connotations and denotations flowing from the noun cum verb variations of the word is bound to perpetually evade some characters especially in Nigeria’s political arena. Nature in its mysterious contemplation sometimes congenitally endows people with a sense of, honour; of manifestations modeled in serendipitous existence surging towards the horizon of reputations wrapped with dignified distinction. I’m not by any means suggesting here that the rosiness of one’s cradle is a scientific determinant of how well a political leader will perform in office. Indeed, a considerable number of celebrated leaders with humble births and justifiable self-worth have assiduously striven to cultivate reputations worthy of the essence of the infallible badge of honour. It is however evident, as in most cases that some of those who were catapulted to high political positions of which they could never dream, because of their early life deprivations, are apt to exhibit combined delusive and dictatorial tendencies when so chanced. In future articles, we shall attempt a painstaking excursion of the lives of leaders who became tragic figures of history because of their early life deficiencies materially and spiritually.
When unbridled ego and the tendency to overcompensate for early life deficiencies become the dominant traits in the life of a leader as it seems to be the case of the supposed current national chairman of the APC, then it becomes a patriotic duty for loyal party members to warn against the gathering dark clouds. For those who truly love our party, it should become an exigent obligation to rescue the APC from, Oshiomhole, before our labor will be reduced to nothingness. While it is noble for families to be home-owners, it is however unconscionable for a self-acclaimed progressive leader to annex substantial land of the village-community in his local government area and consequently erect sprawling row of mansions as a way of compensating for the fact that his parents never had a home of theirs when he (Oshiomhole) was young. Unfortunately, the APC national chairman should take cognizance of the fact that mere ornamental architecture cannot alter the rooted facts of his penurious childhood history.
It is saddening to remark that the features of opportunism and egotism belong in the same orbit of the debilitating psychological and sociological syndrome. And from all indications, Oshiomhole, vegetates within this sickening orbit as his ego feeds his opportunism and vice versa. Most of the political endeavors in which, Oshiomhole has engaged have been shamelessly self-interested and grossly aimed at solely advancing the interest of Oshiomhole. To seek the vilest definition of opportunism is to examine some of the chronicles of Oshiomhole’s history. When Oshiomhole was head over knees seeking Edo State governorship ticket in 2007, he had no qualms whatsoever in decapitating, factionalizing and ultimately dumping the Labour Party in the state. His action in 2007 was not by any stretch different from the way he manipulated the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for dubious national political gains and recklessly betraying the trust of the Nigerian working class. Such ‘Oshiomholeic’ antecedents constitute the reasons why some respected veteran labour activists will rather prefix Oshimhole’s name with ‘’ Come and Raid’’ rather than address him as a Comrade. It is freely discussed among credible labour veterans that the first lines of the emotional international labor anthem, ‘’ solidarity forever’’ translates to ‘’ Oshiomhole forever’’ when the APC national chairman sinks into his characteristic binge of crass opportunism. Nothing else matters, not the interest of the masses, but only and solely the survival and advancement of Oshiomhole.
Unfortunately, the strain of values and leadership qualities that, Oshiomhole, parades are not the kind of qualification that will lift our party to the cherished horizon that is envisaged. Actually, Oshiomhole has proved to be an utter deficit in the affairs of the APC since his assumption of office as national chairman. Instead of expanding, the fortunes of our party are shrinking rapidly. The national secretariat under, Oshiomhole, has become the center of organizational chaos, bureaucratic mayhem and an abyss for political and monetary corruption. The noxious deals perpetrated with the authorization of the national chairman during the last primary elections have inflicted deep wounds on the solidarity and cohesion of the APC. Almost 9 months after the primaries and 6 months after the election, are still about 900 court cases arising from, Oshiomhole’s ‘’organized’’ to disorganize primaries. Such a level of chaos is unprecedented in the recent history of our democracy.
Oshiomhole, now at the national level, has betrayed the confidence of those who facilitated his rise as the national chairman of APC based on the mistaken impression that the ex-labour leader would use his experience to galvanize the Nigerian masses and thus engender a massive victory for the party. Oshiomhole failed woefully on that score as the APC was dragged near the cliff of fatal defeat. But for the image and the aura of President Buhari, the potential EFCC/DSS future guest (Adams Oshiomhole) would have put our great party to shame. In an arena where honor matters, Oshiomhole would have either resigned voluntarily or be forced to quit as the national chairman because of his awful poor performance in the 2019 General Election. But Oshiomhole will not go voluntarily because he is not a man of honor. Therefore, the ball to push Oshiomhole out is now in the court of every thoughtful and caring APC leader.
The facts are incontrovertible: APC had 23 states in 2015, lost seven in 2019 because of the treacherous games that the national chairman was engaged in. Equally the number of APC senators has diminished under Oshiomhole. All over the country, our party is fractured in internecine wars as Oshiomhole has put a dagger right in the center of the soul of APC. Consequently, APC is hemorrhaging and the race has begun to rescue the historically great party.
How can our party tolerate the kind of recklessness and confusion that Oshiomhole caused in Zamfara State; organizational mayhem stepped in incompetence and corruption that led to the whole disenfranchisement of the APC members in such a crucial North West State. The Zamfara/Oshiomhole conundrum resulted in today’s appalling situation where Zamfara APC has zero seats in the Senate, no single seat in the House of Representatives, no voice in the House of Assembly –and of course the party lost the Governorship seat. This disastrous political outcome was simply because Oshiomhole could not organize a legitimate primary election in the state. Oshiomhole was willing to risk everything else against the interest of the APC if he (Oshiomhole) was not allowed to enthrone an extraordinarily wealthy ex-bank executive (who has had visitations with EFCC) as the governorship candidate of the party in the state. For some interest yet to be ascertained, Oshiomhole recklessly squandered the collective hopes and aspirations of APC in Zamfara just to satisfy a single billionaire (Lawan Dare) with whom Oshiomhole have some intimate connection. Is the Zamfara catastrophe the model that Oshiomhole is going to push in future elections in various states when it seems that all that matters to, Oshiomhole, is to find candidates or persons with the capacity to pay for play? Oshiomhole is blighting the admirable international prestige and image that President Buhari has cultivated for the party.
The foregoing is a summary sample of the despicable profile from the catalogue of deficits and liabilities that, Oshiomhole, represents in the life of our party. It will, therefore, be an abysmal error for anyone or group to suggest that such a morally flawed, psychologically diminutive and cantankerous character be appointed either as a minister or ambassador. Our party already knows who, Oshiomhole, is and there is no need to export the disgrace that he will ultimately constitute in any larger arena. If the EFCC and other anti-corruption agency do not confiscate the row of mansions in Osiomhole’s country home in Iyahmo (in Etsako Local Government Area, Edo State), then that location should be the appropriate place to which, Oshiomhole, should be disgracefully consigned.


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