My dear Adams, I am forced to write you here considering the very unpleasant and potentially calamitous dimension the Edo House of Assembly issue has taken.

      I have read some pedestal and infantile insinuations that your loyalists are struggling to provide leadership at the House as opposed to the wishes of Godwin Obaseki, the Executive Governor of the state.

These persons certainly do not know you nor your antecedents and apathy towards the Benin man.

      Let me fresh your memory. I led your campaign team to meet my Eldest brother and father, Most Senior Apostle Peter Osagiede of blessed memories during the Women’s Convention of Christ’s Chosen Church of God and led you to his bosom on the Alter where he was moved by the Spirit of God to pray for you.

He told you on that day that you would win but your mandate will be delayed.

He counselled you on HUMILITY. He passed on shortly after.

      Rather than take his wise counsel, you took on Chief Tony Anneni, of blessed memories, dismantled his Political structure and tried to turn the great political icon into a laughing stock with your NO TO GODFATHERISM.   

Thereafter you descended on the highly respected Chief Tom Ikimi from Igueben.

You went to his town to run him down. The people applauded you.

       Next, you turned your attention on the highly respected Esama of Benin Kingdom, a man whose son was your predecessor.

Need I reflect on Lucky Igbinedions unseen role in your journey from obscurity to Government House.

One afternoon in Government House you were talking recklessly to the revered Chief and you said…If you don’t take your time I will deal with you with EXECUTIVE RASCALITY… and the people applauded you.

      Need I remind you of how you treated the political leader of the Benin people then, Dr Samuel Ogbemudia of blessed memories. Here was a man who gave his all for the good of the state.

You treated him so shabbily that your kinsmen advised you to apologize to him.

The preconceived damage was already done…and the people applauded you.

      Recall your speech in London when you narrated how Godwin Obaseki prompted you on, motivated you and mobilised you financially for the Governorship race.

Your attitude today portrays ingratitude.

No wonder they say, Gratitude is Great Attitude.

      Need I remind you of the way and manner you treated your Deputy, Dr Pius E Odubu.

You called him all sorts of name and mistook his unequalled loyalty for weakness, denying him a fair shot at the Governorship seat during the primaries.

And as if all these were not enough, you tactically ‘Killed’ The College of Education Ekiadolor under the guise of upgrading it to a University, only to build a state of the Art University in your home town Iyamon.

And the people applauded you.
      Not satisfied with your selfish desire to bring down every front line Benin man, you sat down at Iyanmo and thought what your next line of action could be and you decided to pluck Chief Odigie Oyegun off his position as APC Chairman.

Another Benin man. That was perhaps the highest position held by any Benin nan…the gullible people applauded you.

     Now the last straw that could break your seat, your future, your peace and your entire generation is your avowed insistence on dishonouring the wish of our Royal Father, Oba Ewuare11, Oba Of Benin who embarked on a visit to the President of the Country Muhammadu  Buhari to seek for settlement of the political imbroglio at the House of Assembly.

If you were well brought up if a father ever taught you lessons of life and if you have respect for royalty, you would have known that OUR OBA’S WISH IS A COMMAND.

     That you went further to house those decedent elected members and expect a state of emergency to be declared in Edo, you deserve to be declared Oghin’Oba, Oghin’evbo.     

           My candid advice is that in respect of the Oba of Benin, you lead “your” members to come and take their Oat after which you’ll lead them to the Palace to apologize to our Royal father for attempting to defy his Wish.

Remember two years to the death of a strong but foolish man, he rejects any wise counsel Copied

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