Okada/Keke ban in Lagos: Shina Peller backs Sanwo-Olu

Member of the House of Representatives, Shina Peller, has weighed in on the ban of Okada and Keke by the Lagos State Government.

Protests have so far broke out in the state amid the ban on the operations of commercial motorcycles and tricycles in six local government areas and nine local council development areas.

The ban, which took effect from Saturday, February 1, had Lagos residents stranded at bus stops while others were seen walking to their respective destination.

Reacting to the development, Peller in a post on his Twitter page, supported Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu on his stand against Okada and tricycle in the state, adding that the riders have been caught often times violating traffic laws.

However, querying the side effect of unemployment to the riders, Peller said the recent ban will help curb accidents and safeguard the lives of Lagos residents.

He wrote: “What will happen to the hundreds of Okada owners that are now jobless all of a sudden? Isn’t it possible that some of them might turn to crime in order to survive? Just wondering as a concerned Nigerian.

“But we also have to remember there are two sides to a coin.Lagos State Govt has a responsibility to ensure the security and safety of the lives of Lagosians. There are reports of incessant lack of regard for the traffic laws in the state by motorcycles and tricycles.

“This has apparently resulted in the preventable loss of life & property which has necessitated the Traffic Reforms. Whilst the numbers of fatal accidents have been on the rise, what is also undeniable is the rise in the rate of crime facilitated by the motorcycles

“Whilst some might say I am “talking out of both sides of my mouth”, please spare a thought for those who have lost a relative or friend to an Okada accident. One of such is my MIL who lost her dear brother in a fatal Okada accident. May his soul rest in peace.”

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