Obaseki’s second term is sacrosanct – Prince Austin Eweka, Former National Vice Chairman, South South A.C.N

Following the release of the election time table for the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), former National Vice Chairman, South-south, Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN (one of the political parties that birthed the ruling All Progressives Congress), Prince Austin Eweka, has declared that Governor Godwin Obaseki’s reelection is sacrosanct.

In an exclusive chat with our correspondent in Benin City, Prince Eweka said: “Progressive-minded leaders in Edo State have carried out a comprehensive appraisal of Obaseki’s performance across all sectors of the state and are satisfied with what the governor has done in the last three years and few months.”

He urged Edo voters not to be swayed by the political development around them, which according to him is “just politics”.

Prince Eweka explained: “The season for politics is here. Politicians will naturally test the waters to gauge their popularity, strength and see where to pitch their tents. But I can assure you that when it is time to decide on who leads Edo State in the next four years, the issues will be about human and infrastructural development and the wellbeing of Edo people and residents”.

He maintained that “Edo people will not resort to political gambling when we have a competent candidate in Governor Obaseki, who has demonstrated capacity for the prudent allocation of our scarce resources to all areas of our lives.”

The front line politician emphasised: “Obaseki has made governance so easy that we forget that the global economy is in shambles at the moment. But workers and pensioners in Edo State have been receiving their salaries and benefits regularly under Obaseki.

“Pensioners do not go to King’s Square anymore to protest nonpayment of their pension. All the infrastructural projects Obaseki promised Edo people are being delivered across the state daily.

“I saw what he is doing at the central bus terminal at Obakhavbaye. Schools and hospitals are being built as well as roads. The business community in the state is doing well too. What more can we ask for?”

Speaking on the Governor’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prince Eweka noted that “Obaseki has been hailed by his fellow governors as he has paid more attention to testing, which is key to containing this disease.

“While he is dealing with all these challenges, several states that get more money from the central purse are owing workers arrears of salaries. I do not want to mention any names, but people should follow the news and see what is happening around the country.

“Edo people know who has been working for their overall good and wellbeing and we will express that deep knowledge on election day.
The world is currently at a critical juncture with the COVID-19 pandemic and the negative economic fallouts.”

He stressed: “We do not want to leave our wellbeing and the future of our children to chance or in the hands of people who will need to experiment first before doing the job. Obaseki is the candidate of today and the future. The future of our nation’s economy and the global economy are associated with so many uncertainties right now with low crude oil prices. Only a very prudent person like Obaseki knows where to put our money at any given time.

“You and I know that our regular politicians cannot handle the issues before us at the moment. The time for jamborees with government money is over. We need experts, technocrats who know the value of money and Obaseki is that man. We are comfortable with him”.

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  1. William Obaseki
    17th May 2020 - 4:38 am

    Price Austin Eweka, i salute you sir. Your assessment of Governor Godwin Obaseki is relevant to facts on ground. The idea that is doesn’t understand Edo policy and politics is none discussion anymore, based on your assement , His accomplishments on ground. All Obasekis, see Benin city/ Edo development a must do above any interest, for one, He knows that, his families will be the first to denounce as true Obaseki. Obaseki true blood, duties is to protect and serve the best interests of the State. History have its roots, as the best families in the State of Edo land.


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