Obaseki family reaffirms support for governor’s reelection, marks centennial of patriarch, Agho

The Obaseki family of Benin kingdom has reaffirmed support for the reelection of their son and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Governor Godwin Obaseki, promising to mobilise other members of the family, at home and in the Diaspora, to ensure the governor’s victory at the September 19, 2020 gubernatorial election in the state.

William Gaius Obaseki, who spoke on Wednesday in Benin City, on behalf of the Obaseki Ogbeide-Oyo family, during the 100th remembrance anniversary of their late patriarch, Agho Obaseki, expressed confidence that the governor’s performance will earn him a reelection.

He assured that the entire family will, on September 19, 2020, halt all other activities to cast their votes for their son, Governor Godwin Obaseki, to ensure he comes out victorious in the election.

According to him, “We want to assure our son that we are solidly behind him. We will support him and ensure he comes out victorious come September 19, 2020. It will not just be a victory but a landslide victory for the governor.

“Don’t be afraid of anything; forget the rumour that thugs are imported into the state. We don’t have factories for thugs but we believe only in God. God gave him victory before and that same God will again give him victory on September 19, 2020. God has not failed us before and can’t start it now; victory is sure for our son”.

On his part, the governor said the Obaseki family has continued to offer great service to Edo people and the monarchy of the Great Benin Kingdom, noting that the family has another chance to demonstrate its values of rendering services to Edo people through good governance, to make life better for Edo people.

“We are not here for ourselves but to serve others. We have not been poor; it’s not about money but service. We will preserve that great name.

“As a family we have another chance to demonstrate those same values of stewardship to bring up our state again to greatness and development. This is the reason I am contesting for a second term,” the Governor said.

He continued: “I want to thank the Obaseki family as your prayers and support led to the success I achieved in the last four years. The prayers, support, family values and integrity made me what I am today and responsible for the achievements recorded in the last four years in office. We have to be proud of our heritage; this house was built more than 150 years ago and we are here to celebrate our father where he performed his functions as the Obaseki of Benin and the Iyase of Benin when he was alive.

“Today is September 9, 2020 and we are celebrating 100 years of the passing of our father and great grandfather, Chief Agho Obaseki. He lived to serve the Monarch and the people of Edo at that time.

“It’s that same spirit of service and excellence that runs in Obaseki’s blood. We are here to remember him and celebrate our family values. A family that believes in progress, hard work and love for one another.”

“Obaseki is a name that means a lot and is associated with good values across the state and country at large. We don’t steal as a family; we work hard and believe in our tradition and the Oba. We are here to serve Edo people and the Monarch. I want to assure you that in the next four years, we will make sure we transform Edo and lift up our people to greatness.”

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