Nollywood actress loses properties to Abule Ado explosion

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Umeh has revealed she suffered losses to the Abule Ado gas explosion which destroyed properties and also claimed many lives.

According to the actress, the explosion which occurred while they were in the church destroyed her beauty complex, her house, and cars.

Her post reads; “My beauty complex and my house were directly opposite Bethlehem girls college and the explosion happened right in front of the school. Everything went down. I thank God for life.

“Still in shock to even talk but my anger is that the media houses and the government are lying to the public. All the same. It is well. I will narrate on this more when am out of shock.

“For now my hands are still shaking. God just showed me how special I am. How he loves my family, yes I lost 2 houses, 2 cars, all properties, clothes, shoes, AngelNikky Cosmetics goods worth close to 10m,” she said.

“My beauty complex and everything inside worth close to 50m and of course my resident mansion and properties inside which only myself and whoever have been to my house can tell how beautiful it was. Should we talk about my closet? If you know

“Fire took it. All it’s well is what I can say because I have my life, my husband, my children, my PA, my husband’s boys, we are all alive. By the grace of God, material things can be replaced. No one can replace life. Gratitude to God remains my attitude.

“What’s left of my beautiful house. If you haven’t been to my house you might not really understand this. But again I thank God we were in the church. My boy and my PA miraculously escaped through the back fence that fell down though the boy got injured, but he is getting better,” she added.

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