Nollywood actor buys new house for a family living in a slum

Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba has made another family leap for joy.

The family has been living in a slum for 13 years and lost a child to infections but their story changed for good after meeting Williams Uchemba.

They now have a new house and a better story with songs of joy from their heart.

The actor, known for his philanthropic acts, disclosed this via his social media page and it got other Nigerians emotional.

Williams wrote on IG;

“Few weeks ago I was at a slum to feed the people there and I came across a little girl that was reading on a pavement and it broke my heart to see the kind of condition there and then I saw the urgency to move the family out from there. With the Help of God we didn’t only give them a new house but a whole lot more that I will leave you to find out in the video. I want to thank Dr. Nancy, JR BIOTEK Foundation, Golden Heart Foundation, @williams_uchembafoundation team, and everyone that in one way or the other supported this project. God bless you immensely.”

The family’s joy knew no bounds as they kept thanking him and also praying for him in the video.

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