Noble Igwe tweets about how government policies forced him out of business

Popular Nigerian entrepreneur and owner of 360 Group, Noble Igwe, has lamented over how unfavourable government policies forced him to shut down his delivery startup after two years of frustrating trials.

In a series of hot-worded tweets, the businessman accused the government of pretending to support small businesses but then killing them off before they can grow.

This is coming barely twenty-four hours after the Lagos State Government announced an executive order banning motorbikes in 15 local government areas, most of which are key commercial hubs.

Here’s Noble’s story: According to the entrepreneur, he started his delivery startup – 360 Delivery Ltd – in 2012. Of course, doing this required a lot of money. Unfortunately, shortly after he commenced operation, the government announced that it is only 100cc bikes that can ply Lagos’ expressways.

By the way, there’s an interesting reason for this government directive on 100 cc bikes. According to Noble, the “Lagos State Government wanted us to buy from the wife of a certain government official who imported bikes from China.” Now, if this is true, then talk about corruption in high places!

To comply with the government directive, Noble Igwe had to sell off his bikes at prices far below the rate he bought them. All these just so he can buy the recommended 100 cc bikes. But then again, he had other challenges to grapple with, including persistent harassment and extortion from so-called government officials.

Having shut down operation, the entrepreneur expressed appreciation to everyone who supported the business during the two years it operated. He also stated that he might relaunch it in the future, although he still worries that government decisions might still drive him out of business.

Noble Igwe is not the only one that is currently worried that government decisions could drive them out of business. For the owners of Gokada, Max.Ng and ORide, this is probably a major source of concern, especially now that the government has ordered the ban of bikes. For now, however, none of these has reacted to the ban which is expected to take effect on February 1st, 2020.

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