No fuel scarcity during festive period – NNPC

Nigerians have been promised that there would be no fuel scarcity during Christmas and New Year periods.

The Details: This promise was made by the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mallam Mele Kyari, and the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Petroleum Downstream, Hon. Abdullahi Mahmud Gaya during the inspection of the  Ijegun-Egba access road.

Kyari said that there’s enough fuel to go round during the yuletide period and assured the public that scarcity would not be experienced. He noted that the corporation had put mechanisms in place to prevent scarcity from happening.

We have over 2.6 billion litres of product in tank and in marine in the country, PMS (petrol) in particular. We have a robust supply plan that stretches well across the Christmas period and into the New Year and actually forever. Our plans are robust, so we have no fear whatsoever of any supply disruption or distribution recession and Nigerians will go to Christmas peacefully.”

Kyari thanked the depot owners for making sure the road was fixed. “Definitely respite has come. The depot owners, in particular, were able to pool their resources together to fix this road through the Nigerian Army Corps of Engineers and they are doing an excellent job and the result will be that there will be free movement of trucks out of this location to locations all over the country.”

The construction of the road was welcome by several stakeholders including Debo Olujimi Chairman, Ijegun-Egba, Satellite Tank Farm Owners Association and Managing Director, Emadeb Energy who could not hide his excitement about the new development.

We are very happy as depot owners. A combination of all the depots is close to 600 million litres, and as I speak to you, on the average, we are doing between 18 and 20 million litres daily. The collaboration in terms of what we need, in terms of support, we are already getting it from the NNPC, the Lagos State Government and every stakeholder.  

“The way things are going, for the end of the year, there will strictly be robust and 24 hours operations out of here. Where we have issues on the road, the Lagos State in combination with the Federal Government and NNPC here are already taking care of it. Going forward, we can only assure the residents and all the stakeholders within Ijegun that everything here will be smooth and that their lives are safe and secured.”

What you should know: The Ijegun-Egba project was funded by the satellite petroleum product depot owners operating in the community to help alleviate the plight of the residents and ease movements of petroleum products in and out of the community.

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