Increased processing and exportation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) dropped Nigeria’s global gas flaring profile by 40% in 20 years.

According to Vanguard, the Managing Director, Nigeria LNG Limited, Mr Tony Attah, in his keynote address at the Nigeria LPGA and LPG Summit in Lagos, disclosed that the activities of the Nigeria LNG Ltd had improved gas flaring. He added that the company’s focus was to ensure that Nigeria didn’t miss out on opportunities to improve economic growth

Our operation has helped to reduce about four trillion cubic feet of previously flared natural gas, thereby improving Nigeria’s gas flaring profile from about 65% in 1999 to less than 25% today. Our focus is to ensure that Nigeria does not miss out on the opportunities for more economic growth, and for a more central role in the global energy supply field,” Tony Attah said.

Meanwhile, the NLNG stated that it was set to make final investment decisions on the Train 7 expansion project which would enable increase the company’s production capacity by 35% from 22 million tonnes per annum to 30 million tonnes per annum. The train 7 project is expected to create employment opportunities, attract foreign direct investment and contribute significantly to the country’s GDP.

To this end, Nigeria LNG is set to take final investment decision, FID, to increase its production capacity through its Train 7 expansion project. Actualisation of Train 7 will re-assure the world that Nigeria LNG is a leading and reliable supplier of LNG, with the increase of our production capacity by 35% from 22 million tonnes per annum, MTPA, to 30 MTPA. The increase will further boost the country’s GDP significantly.

“The Train 7 project will bring immense benefits, including immediate employment opportunities for more than 10,000 Nigerians, and will attract foreign direct investment, FDI, of about $25 billion to the country,” said Tony Attah.

However, when the Train 7 project comes on stream, it is expected to further culminate into reduction of gas flaring in the country.