Nicki Minaj flaunts $1.1m wedding ring from Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj flaunted her massive wedding ring from husband Kenneth Petty in an Instagram video Wednesday, while showing off their spooky Halloween costumes.

According to reports, her wedding ring cost a whopping $1.1 M, and the “Megatron” rapper wants everyone to know that she didn’t pay for it.

“Everybody said that you secured the bag, you married a multi-millionaire and you secured the bag,” said Minaj, who was dressed up as Tiffany Valentine from “The Bride of Chucky.” The rapper stayed in character, mimicking Jennifer Tilly’s distinctive voice.

Petty, who matched his wife’s fly as serial killing doll Chucky, responded: “You know I just cut somebody’s (expletive) finger off for that ring,” as Minaj flashed her huge rock.

“You mean, I didn’t buy this ring?” she asked. Petty replied, “No, you didn’t buy that ring!”

Her hard-to-miss ring is from New-York based jeweler Rafaello & Company.

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