Neymar’s mother dumps 22-year-old toyboy

Nadine Goncalves has dumped her toyboy lover who is a self-confessed fan of her son, Neymar.

The 55-year-old dumped 22-year-old Tiago Ramos just 11 days after Neymar endorsed their relationship.

Nadine Goncalves had posted a loving photo with Tiago on Instagram.

And Neymar, who is 6 years older than Tiago, left a heartfelt comment under the post, which read: ‘Be happy mom. Love you.’

However, Daily Mail who quoted reports in Brazil said Nadine dumped Tiago after finding out he had dated a string of men.

Tiago allegedly dated Neymar’s personal chef Mauro before becoming romantically involved with the forward’s mother.

He was also reported to have dated a famous Brazilian actor and stand-up comedian called Carlinhos Maia.

Ramos, a model, is now reportedly back with his family in Brazil after being kicked out of Nadine’s mansion.

He posted a video on Instagram of himself playing a computer game with his mother and sister on Wednesday.

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