Netflix to crack down on password sharing

Streaming giant Netflix is gearing up to crack down on password sharing.

In a new interview in which the executives discussed the company’s Q3 2019 Earnings, Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said that Netflix was “continuing to monitor” the situation.

His comment has been interpreted as hinting that the company will start looking at ways in which it can quash the practice of password sharing.

But Peters was quick to clarify this would be done in a way that would not alienate the service’s existing user base.

“We’ll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that,” Peters said.

“We have no plans to announce at this point in time, in terms of doing something differently.”

Currently, up to four devices can stream Netflix at any one time but the amount of people a subscriber can share their password with is essentially unlimited.

Netflix certainly wouldn’t be the first subscription service to crack down on users sharing passwords and accounts.

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