The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reiterated its commitment to put measures in place to track cybercriminals in the country.  

In a bid to protect telecoms consumers from the activities of internet fraudsters, the Director, NCC Consumer Affairs Bureau, Mrs Felicia Onwuegbuchulam disclosed that the commission was aiming to tackle cybercriminals. 

Onwuegbuchalam said that one of the ways in which cybercriminals could be caught was by educating consumers on the roles required of them in mitigating cybercrime. 

In a town meeting held by the NCC with the theme “Mitigating effects of cybercrimes: the role of telecom consumers”, Onwuegbuchulam, who was represented by her deputy, Alhaji Ismail Adedigba said that the NCC evolved the initiative to identify, discuss and jointly proffer effective solutions to different issues affecting telecoms consumers in the country. 

“As a tripartite programme, the forum aims to, on a continuous basis, engage telecoms consumers by educating, informing and empowering them with the information they need to know, their rights when violated by the service providers. 

“Since we started organising this event some years back, we have treated different thematic topics, which have produced key resolutions that have been communicated to service providers for implementation. 

“Indeed, this has helped to guarantee improved services and value for money spent on telecom services for the consumers. Telecom consumers have been the ultimate beneficiaries of the initiatives,” she said. 

Why this matters: As global concerns for cybercrime continue to rise, the need for cybersecurity in the country has become highly sacrosanct. The Nigerian financial system is under threat as the UN E-Government Survey 2018 announced that 193 countries might be attacked by cybercriminals and hackers.  

Note that Nigeria ranked 143 out of the member countries survey. All this shows that the move by the NCC is imperative in curbing cybercrime and in fact, NCC needs to do more.