MTN Nigeria reacts to poor internet as network issues go beyond Nigeria

Voice and data networks have been poor in Nigeria recently, and one of the telecommunication companies having a tough time in resolving the network issue is MTN Nigeria. The poor network has affected internet connectivity, pulling browsing speed, and this has forced MTN Nigeria to respond to complaints.

Reacting to the growing inquiries of its subscribers, stated “This situation is affecting all operators and customers in the region.

MTN’s parent company faults regulator’s recommendation for data price reduction, MTN Nigeria reacts to poor internet as network issues go beyond Nigeria 

“We have already begun to restore traffic through other channels and will continue to find alternative routes of connectivity until the situation is resolved.”

Also, in a message sent to its Nigerian subscribers, MTN Nigeria said users should bear with the company as it worked to resolve the issue.

“We apologize for the slow data speeds and difficulty with accessing the internet. Please bear with us as we work to resolve the issue,” the message seen by Nairametrics read.

MTN not to blame? It was learnt that the network issue is beyond Nigeria, as internet users across sub-Saharan Africa are also experiencing the same issue. The slow service is due to damages of two undersea cables – WACS and SAT3/WASC cable systems – on the continent’s western coast.

The two undersea cables are near Libreville in Gabon and the other is in the vicinity of Luanda, Angola. According to Openserve, a unit of South Africa’s biggest fixed-line telecommunications provider, Telkom SA SOC Ltd, the cables are in the Atlantic Ocean and connect South Africa and many other African countries to Europe.

When will the issue be solved? It is currently unclear when that will happen due to the location of the cables. So, the slow internet will likely continue until network providers figure out alternatives. If the situation persists into the next months, it might affect the subscribers of telecoms who will likely port to another network in search of better internet access.

Currently, the battle for data market share among Telcos in Nigeria is led by MTN, as the network provider saw an increase in its subscribers’ base for the second month in a row, while Glo and 9mobile lost subscribers.

In some countries, consumers and businesses can’t send emails or make cross-border phone calls. With parts of the cabling lying deep underwater, it’s unclear as to when full connectivity will be restored.

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