The Chief Executive Officer of MTN NigeriaFredi Moolman, has reacted to the xenophobic attacks Nigerians and citizens of other African countries are experiencing in South Africa, the parent company’s country.

Moolman condemned the attack on properties belonging to Nigerians in South Africa. The country had woken to the news of properties that were burnt by some South Africans. According to Moolman, violent acts should have no place in society.

Nigerians and other African citizens have been the target of hate crime perpetrated by some South Africans. Several attacks have led to the death of Nigerians and other Africans residing in the Nelson Mandela country, and several investments have been lost to the attack as well.

Even South African Police officers have been arrested in connection with the Xenophobic attacks. Recently, some South African police officers were arrested for allegedly killing a Nigerian in his home after forcing him out of his business premises.

Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa

Fredi Moolman said MTN condemns the hate, prejudice, and the xenophobia going on in South Africa, adding that the telecoms company is against bigotry and discrimination.

“Everyone has the right to a world where their rights and freedoms are respected – the right to live and earn a living, freely, safely, and protected by the law,” Moolman said in a statement.

MTN also stated that,As a leading pan-African telecommunications company with operations in 21 countries, MTN believes in the potential of an Africa whose nations pursue deeper trade, integration and cooperation. We actively encourage the dialogue necessary to maintain peace and sustain strong relationships and urge all our customers and stakeholders to support and defend the principles of human rights, diversity and inclusion and an integrated collaborative Africa.”

Both Fredi Moolman and MTN’s reaction came after some Nigerians called for the shutdown of South African businesses in Nigeria. MTN’s offices in Nigeria have in the past been picketed by Nigerians, while Shoprite was closed in August 2019.