Mozambique expels Dos Santos Brazilian fugitive cocaine trafficker

Mozambique on Sunday expelled a Brazilian fugitive cocaine trafficker, Gilberto Aparecido dos Santos, aka “Fuminho.

The expulsion followed Dos Santos arrest in a luxury hotel in Maputo on Tuesday.

The Brazilian had been on the run for more than 20 years after escaping from a Brazilian prison.

He was one of Brazil’s most-wanted fugitives.

He belongs to Brazil’s so-called First Capital Command (PCC) gang, with tentacles in Europe and also Africa.

Mozambique’s interior ministry said dos Santos entered the country illegally, using a false passport.

Brazil’s Justice Minister Sergio Moro confirmed Dos Santos’ expulsion later on Sunday in a Twitter post that included a photo of the Brazilian Air Force jet that returned him to Brazil.

Moro said dos Santos would head to a federal jail, without specifying which one.

“A big hit against organized crime,” Moro said.

Originally formed as a prison gang in Sao Paulo, the PCC has spread across Brazil.

It is increasingly moving cocaine overseas, especially to Europe and Africa, authorities said.

Dos Santos was one of the gang’s most important cocaine brokers, the federal police said.

He is also crucial to its international business.

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