More photos of Yinka Ayefele’s triplets

Here are more photos of Yinka Ayefele’s beautiful triplets.

Recall, the music star for the first time ever shared a photo of his triplets and the whole social media had this ‘God When’ moment.

We love every bit of the previous photos he shared, and below are new ones you can drool to.

Recall that a few months ago we broke the news of Yinka Ayefele welcoming a set of triplets with his wife, Temitope.

The arrival of the triplets…

Pulse spoke to his manager who gave us an exclusive about the arrival of the triplets. According to him, Yinka Ayefele and his wife are in Maryland, the United States of America where she put to bed.

The manager also revealed the sexes of the babies; two boys and a girl. However, the music star took to his Instagram page on Friday, July 19, 2019, where he shared a video of himself and one of the babies.


Meanwhile, below is an excerpt from an Interview, his wife, Temitope Titilope had recently;

On what has sustained her marriage to the famous musician?

“God’s grace has been sufficient for us in life and our marriage. Enough patience, mutual respect and understanding are part of the key ingredients to a successful marriage.

“You must not listen to side talks but concentrate on the person you are dealing with.

“Since you have both signed a life contract and it is for better for worse, you must deal with issues together.

“All that, coupled with the special grace of God, have sustained my marriage up till this moment.

“I understand the nature of my husband’s work, people are always around him and all that.”

Explaining how she met the musician who has been confined to a wheelchair since his 1997 accident, she said;

“I met him in 1996, before he had the accident. I saw in him a hard-working man when we met. Very hard-working, there is nothing he can’t do to stay afloat in his profession. He is someone who doesn’t get distracted from his dream no matter what may come his way.”

So, what made her stay with him despite all odds?

“Why won’t I stay? I told you about some of the qualities I saw in my husband that made me fell in love and married him.

“I have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with him before the accident. When he had the accident we there together at the University College Hospital, Ibadan (UCH).

“I saw in him the determination to survive, to live and to make it in life. Those are the things that also motivated me to stay with him in the time of trouble and up till now.

“Nobody is above trial and tribulations and when they come what one should do is to remain steadfast and be prayerful.

“Bible didn’t tell us that trouble would not come, it is bound to come but God has given us a strong assurance, He Is there to give us the grace to overcome.”

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