MI to face Naeto C on Instagram Live Rap Battle

Nigerian rappers Jude Abaga also known as MI and Naetochukwu Chikwe also known as Naeto C will face off in an Instagram live battle tagged 10 vs 10.

MI Abaga made this announcement on Twitter saying the rap battle will take place at 10 pm on Sunday evening.

He wrote, “The actual official real authentic verses battle between me and my brother @NaetoC is happening Sunday.

“We had a great convo last night and after this we both want to put this on for the culture with other artists.. please RT share and prepare.. who y’all got?? #10for10.”

This rap battle was spurred by Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe, and a Twitter user Tola Sarumi.

The latter earlier wrote asking someone to name 10 MI hit songs. In response, Noble Igwe wrote saying all of his songs back to back.

Tola Sarumi then wrote saying MI Abaja “is a top top rapper, that’s not the question. but against Naeto 10 joints each” MI won’t win.

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