In the past week, two major events that put Nigeria in bad light happened. The first was the case of the arrest of the Chairman of Invictus Group, Obinwanne Okeke, who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for engaging in fraudulent activities. The one that followed was the release of a list containing the names of 80 Nigerians who were accused by the same agency for allegedly committing several offences.

These events have really affected other Nigerians who engage in lawful businesses as many of those who reacted tagged Nigerians as corrupt people. However, in the midst of the negative reactions, came one positive news about a Nigerian, Chinedu Echeruo, who made it legally.

The news was noted by a Twitter user, identified as Omasoro Ali Ovie. Ovie identified Chinedu Echeruo as one of the many Nigerians who are doing the country proud.

While Ovia maintained that the FBI’s list would not define the innovative instincts Nigerians are known for, she reminded her followers that Echeruo is a young Nigerian whose firm, was acquired by Apple for $1 billion.

Echeruo’s background: Echeruo was born in the Eastern part of Nigeria. He had his secondary school at Kings’ College, Lagos and his University education at Syracuse University. He also attended Harvard Business school in the United States.

Echeruo worked at J.P Morgan Chase where he was involved in a broad range of M&A, financing and private equity transactions before he founded in 2005.

About Hopstop is a mobile application that helps millions of users navigate public transportation in major metropolitan areas around the world. It basically provides directions, door-to-door mass transit, taxi, walking, biking and hourly car rental directions in major metropolitan markets throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K, France, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia.

Echeruo also founded, an interactive travel referral service that focuses on connecting travellers with travel specialists. It was acquired by USA Today Travel Media Group.

Going by the thread under Ovie’s twitter post, other Nigerians who have rightly put the country on the global map were also celebrated. They include – Jelani Aliyu, the man who designed popular American car “Chevrolet Volt” in Detroit, USA and Mohammed Mustafa who was honoured with the Russian National award by the Minister of Health for being the overall best student in medical school with a CGPA of 5.0.