wants you to start riding electric bikes, begins production in Lagos

Metro Africa Express, fondly called, is on track to become the first ride-hailing company to offer customers electric motorbikes for trips (Okada) rather than the traditional gas-powered motorbikes on Lagos roads. The company has started the manufacturing of these electric bikes in Lagos.

The Chief Growth Officer of, Chinedu Azodoh disclosed that the company intended to convert its gas engines to electric motorcycles. This transition would be assisted by some Electric Vehicle manufacturers.’s Chief Financial Officer, Bertrand Njoya, had stated some months back that the bike-hailing company was partnering with Electric Vehicle manufacturers and also working with grid operators across Nigeria to deploy charging stations that enable the electric bikes to charge. wants you to start riding electric bikes, begins production in Lagos gearing closer to history: New development, however, suggests is close to achieving this feat after the company disclosed the current stage of the electric bikes. had pursued this path after securing $7 million from fundraising led by Kenya’s Novastar Ventures and backed by Japanese manufacturing company, Yamaha. A part of the fund is expected to go into the expansion of the company’s service across Nigeria.

The electric bike is called the ‘MAX E Series 1’. According to a report, the MAX E Series 1 will be much faster (moving at 60km/h), smoother, noiseless and definitely safer for the environment. This move is in line with the United Nation environmental campaign that urges countries to adopt the use of alternative energy for vehicles and several countries have been working towards transitioning from gas and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles.

“We’ve figured out a way to convert gas engine bikes to electric bikes. So that’s quite exciting. We are building out an entire system around that,” Azodoh said in the report.

What you should know: Before the end of the month, plans to build 20-30 units locally before ending production of the electric bikes and offering for customers’ use. The company also stated that charging stations were being set up. These electric bikes are expected to be cost-saving compared to the traditional okada in use.



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