Maureen reacts to her failed marriage to Actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu

Maureen Esisi has taken to her social media page to reprimand a troll who reminded her of her failed marriage to Actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu. It became important for her to address the issue after an insensitive troll called her promiscuous and barren. According to her, the marriage ended almost a year ago, so people need to move past it and let her be. Sharing the screenshot, she wrote ; “Shit I Receive Daily… First Scape Goat!!!!!… When will this end???… The Relationship Sailed almost a Year ago. Can y’all negative people move past it??? Please?????? Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is calm, But me I am not well oooooo… I have been trying to face front for a while now but y’all keep making me mad Asf!!!!!! Have sense ooo, My name is Red ooo, I don’t just Bark, I Dey bite ooo… Don’t “thought” and come near me henceforth, you didn’t liv in that marriage with Us and u must be Foolish to even believe anything those so-called “authentic” blogs wrote… ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Blossom and Maureen got married in 2016. The marriage ended in 2019.

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