The Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN) has highlighted the advantages and reasons why Nigerians need to consume goods produced locally 

The President of MAN, Mansur Ahmed made this known during the opening ceremony of the association’s Made–in-Nigeria Products Exhibition 

Ahmed also said that the more Nigerians use Made-in-Nigeria products, the more the manufacturers expand in business. When this happens, it leads to job opportunities and growth because the manufacturers will then employ more people due to the potential increase in their production.

“The more manufacturers create wages, and spread money in the economy the more they are likely to generate wealth as a whole, and the richer the country becomes. 

“So, to consume what we produce locally from textile to food and beverages, automotive, remains the best way to enrich our country, and it is the best way to spread wealth in the country and to alleviate poverty,” he said. 

Worried by the drop in patronage and consumption of Nigerian products, Ahmed stressed the need for Nigerians to encourage their own while citing an example of Japan. 

“Centuries ago people regarded Japanese goods as inferior, and in the long-last, the Japanese patronised their manufacturers and pressed on them to improve on the quality, and they did, and today, Japanese products are the best in the world,” he said. 

Why this matters: For the sake of economic prosperity, Ahmed’s speech holds water. Patronizing locally-made goods instead of imported goods will impact the economy and lead to poverty alleviation.

The manufacturers also have a role to play by reducing the way in which substandard goods are produced in the country so that Nigerians will have more confidence in purchasing the goods. Hence, MAN needs to work together with manufacturers of various sectors to enhance productivity.