Man City to implicate Liverpool in appeal against two-year ban from UEFA

Manchester City’s appeal against their two-year ban from European competitions, could see them implicate Liverpool over allegations that the Reds hacked into their scouting database.

The UK Mirror reports that City will “leave nothing off the table”, as they fight the ban and £25million UEFA imposed on them for Financial Fair Play (FFP) breaches.

The Etihad club will argue that UEFA’s decision to punish them, is based on emails that were illegally obtained and taken out of context.

City’s servers were accessed by a student, Rui Pinto, in 2015.

Pinto is currently being held in prison in Portugal awaiting trial, after being charged with 90 counts of hacking, sabotage and fraud.

City discovered their scouting database was hacked in 2013 and fingers have been pointed at their former scouts, who left to join Liverpool.

Liverpool have already paid a £1million compensation package and both clubs signed a confidentiality agreement.

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