Lions and tigers are predators and carnivores. They prey on man and fellow animals. When a man takes lion and tiger as sobriquet, that man ascribes to himself, attributes of a carnivorous and predatory animal. He is telling the rest of the world that he harbours killer instincts.

In Edo, we have men who have taken the sobriquet of tiger and lion. These men, in a trending video, have been instructed to, together with their boys, move from ward to ward, local government to local government, and do what the big and enlightened men cannot do. Who is beating the drums? Who is at home with men that pride themselves on predatory and carnivorous tendencies?

Is this a call for the tigers and lions of Edo to unleash their predatory and carnivorous tendencies on hapless Edo men and women? Definitely, no enlightened big man in Edo will resort to acts of hooliganism and brigandage. Those calling out the tigers and lions should remember that predators don’t choose their victims. They prey on any that comes around them, except you are of their brood. If a gentleman can rattle Oshiomhole to the point he is acting so agitated, what will he do when the tigers and lions come for their pound of flesh?

We might believe we are playing the game of power and politics in calling out the lions and the tigers today, but we are only enabling chaos in the aftermath. It took years to contain militancy in the South South, Boko Haram insurgency is still raging in the North East, the highways within Kogi State are extremely insecure. Do not add our dear Edo State to the list of States with restless lions and tigers.

Mere character assassination and one man went kneeling down before Enogies of Edo South. He is yet to kneel before the Enogies in Edo North and Central, especially at Uromi. He will kneel before his godfathers who made him but he chose to humiliate. He will kneel at Urhokpota Hall and if care is not taken, before the tigers and lions, his ultimate devourers.

I call on God Almighty to keep the lions and tigers securely caged for life. We need progress and not enemies of progress who spread terror wherever they go.

In God I trust,
Senator Ehigie Uzamere

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