Lion King animation is currently being regarded as the highest grossing animation movie, having grossed over $1.3 billion from different revenue streams, displacing Frozen which stood at $1.276 billion and Incredible 2, according to reports.

Lion King has continued to perform considerably well, making $473.1 million at the domestic box office and $861.5 million overseas. It has also gulped $118 million in China. The movie continued to gain relevance by accruing $50 million from audience in Brazil and France and another $60 million from Great Britain.

The great displacement: The success of Incredibles 2 was quite profound as it is one of the greatest animations with a $1.243 billion record grossing until the recent displacement which occurred last week. Lion King’s immense progress since July 19, 2019 has raised a question on how far the movie would go in its continued rise to the top.

The remake of Lion King has continued to grow, re-engineering a new trend of animations and the propensity for success at the box office, even though Director Jon Favreau’s defense posited that the animation has only one live action, with the rest relating to CGI.

Disney’s continued dominance: The continued dominance Disney enjoys, alongside ownership of Fox and Lucasfilm implies that Disney will continue to enjoy ownership of the largest film franchise, thus, monopolizing the control of box office profits with the recent release of Toy Story 4, Aladdin and Dumbo.

The Lion King began its debut with $185 million from the box office and has gone from that humble start to over  $1 billion, boosting a domestic box office that has struggled to make its mark so far this year, beginning with AlitaBattle Angel and The Lego Movie 2.