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Fellow Edolites, let’s reason together on this archived article below, as authored by *Barrister Felix Isere* against Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, way back into time and space.

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Yesterday, i mistakingly came across this picture i took early 2010 when we paid a visit to the Governor in government house as AAU Students’ Union leaders to appeal for the reduction of AAU tuition fee.

I decided to share this bitter true life experience in other to disabuse the minds of those who tink i have a selfish reason why i have always criticized and opposed POI candidacy.

The tuition fee of AAU was increased in 2008 and when we where contesting for our various position in the SUG in 2009, we promised that we will make sure the school was reduced and it was that promise that made students to vote for us enmasse. When will finally emerged and where sworn in,our top agenda was to address the school fees matter. We where adviced to apply the 3C of NANS, which stands for CONSULTATION,CONFRONTATION AND CONSOLIDATION.

In our Consultations, we where told that it is only Ize Iyamu that can talk to the governor and influence the reduction of the tuition fee. We made several attempts to reach him, we went to his house three times and his boys never allowed us to see him, we felt dejected and frustrated…But one day we finally struggled our way into his house to see him and when he came out,he arrogantly told us that he does not like seeing Students thats why he has been avoiding us, but since we hv proven stubborn to see him, we should be quick to tell him our purpose for coming. We knelt down with tears in our eyes, we begged him to help us talk to the governor to reduce the tuition fees. To our greatest dismay, he told us that he was consulted before the school fees was increased and he actually adviced them to increase it because Education is not a cheap thing and knowledge is expensive. For it is not compulsory for everybody to go to school. All attempts to still talk to him was rebuffed as he bossily and arrogantly left like a demi- god. We came back to school and the next week we meant with governor who also affirmed the fact that before d school was increased, some stakeholders like Pastor Ize Iyamu was also consulted, but the Governor in his normal way as a political demagogue, promised to look into it. Later we had to address a press Conference to give the government an ultimatum bcos our Consultations failed and we have to embark om Confrontation. The management of the school was so angry with us,they dissolved the SUG and suspended our Studentship, that was what made Students to be angry and went on proteest. It was the incident that made AAU to be closed for abt 5 months in 2010, for those of u who can still remember that painful event. We bcam frustrated and helpless, we had no other option than to embark on Consolidation bcos we realized the great conspiracy to ruin us. We went begging some stakeholders to help us beg the management of AAU to give us our Studentship. We also meant wit Ize Iyamu who told us to go and face the consequence of our disbedience,since we didnt listen to him, we are on our own and he rilly neva showed concern.

But thank God that later our Studentship was given back to us after some intervention from other meaningful individuals like the owner of GT plaza and others.

It is sad that same Ize- Iyamu and his team of shameless supporters are using the AAU school fees increment to attack Oshiomhole and APC today, When Ize- Iyamu was actually one of the leading protagonist and people who conspired to send our Students out of school in the name of everybody cant be educated.

This hypocrisy,lies,pretence,deception must stop,he is not repented and can never be. If PDP mistakingly give him ticket, We will address world press conference to tell them this tragic story and mobilized all AAU Students to protest against him as a pay back time though he cant win any APC candidate…A man who betrayed the Students by supporting and defending such injustice against the Nigerian Students can never offer anything good and his sins are too much. We must be guided by our history,less we get misled and destruction awaits us as a people.

I know i will be insulted,attacked,beaten and even threatened as usual bcos of this true life story. But the truth is that i am not worried,pertubed or scared because death is a necessary end,it will come when it will come and it is only cowards who fear death,but the valiant does not…


Thank You.

Writes From An Undisclosed Location.

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