For those familiar with politics of Edo state, the Edo State House of Assembly witnessed the worst, attack, harassment, intimidation, abuse, hijack, molestation and was personalized under the aspiring godfather, the disgraced former APC Adams Oshiomhole,(2008-2016).

He orchestrated the following acts with impunity on the Edo State House of Assembly:

1. In 2010, Oshiomhole induced 9 (nine) members out of 24 instead of 2/3 of 24 members to impeach late Rt. Honourable Zakawanu Garuba as EDHA Speaker. Note all attempts by Hon. Garuba including soliciting the help of the National Assembly to redress the assault all proved abortive. Oshiomhole had to warn NASS and called them busybody to be poke-nosing into the affairs of EDHA.

2. In 2013, Oshiomhole relocated the Edo State House of Assembly to the Government House under the minority leadership of Rt Hon Uyi Igbe. Hon. Igbe with just 10 members got a contractor to remove the roof of EDHA and doled out N325m for this job.

3. In January, 2014, Oshiomhole got 9 (nine) members to pass the State Budget of N123.2 billion.

4. In May, 2014, Oshiomhole got the approval of 9-member House to secure approval for the establishment of a Private-Public University in his home village, Iyamoh-Uzarrue and also got the sum of N29 billion to immediately commence infrastructural development.

5. In 2015, Oshiomhole got approval of just 9 (nine) members of EDHA to collect the sum of N21 billion loan.

6. In July, 2015, Oshiomhole got the Edo State House of Assembly with only 8 (eight) members in attendance to change the ownership structure of the Edo State University, Iyamoh, from State-owned to a privately owned institution and also changed the name from Edo State University to Edo University.

7. In June, 2014,Oshiomhole unilaterally removed from office, the duly and democratically elected Chairman of Oredo Local Government Area and got 7 (Seven) House of Assembly members to ratify the removal. The State High Court later declared this removal illegal, null and void a year later but Oshiomhole refused to reinstate the Chairman.

8. In September, 2010, Oshiomhole unilaterally dissolved the board of Edo state Oil and Gas Producing Area Development Commission( EDSOPADEC) without recourse to the State House of Assembly as required by law establishing the Commission.

9. For the 8 years he was in office, Oshiomhole went on several vacations and leave for months without transmitting the constitutionally mandated letter to the House of Assembly and never for one day did he permit his Deputy Governor, Pius Odubu to act in his absence.

10. Throughout the 8 years he held sway as Governor of Edo, Oshiomhole constituted himself to a godfather to hoodlums,agberos and thugs and engaged them to continuously and perpetually occupy for days and weeks the Edo State House of Assembly whenever there is disagreement between his government and the legislative arm.

The videos of these dastardly acts are still online and on YouTube for any doubter to verify.

11. Edo State under Oshiomhole had the highest removal and turn out rate of EDHA leadership. He changed Speakers illegally 8 times. From Rt Hon Zakawanu, Hon Bright Omokhoduon, Hon Uyi Igbe, Hon Festus Ebea, Hon Justin Okonobor, Hon Tiger Edorhor, Hon Liz Ativie to Hon Kabiru Adjoto.

12. The good people of Edo State will also recall that, for the first time in the state history, a House of Assembly in 2012 was forced to confirm commissioners without asking for their educational qualifications. It was simply an era of can you “ read and write”?

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