Lebanon reacts to video of stranded Nigerian ladies

Lebanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Houssam Diab, says most Nigerians in Lebanon were not trafficked but entered the country legally.

He spoke at a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, in Abuja.

Diab said the Nigerian ladies who called for help in videos were stranded because they could no longer be paid by their employees due to the global economic crisis.

He disclosed that a ban had been placed on visas to domestic workers.

“As of May 1, the Lebanese government stopped issuing visas for domestic workers coming from Nigeria.”

NAN quoted him as saying about 90 percent of the travel agencies involved are Nigerian.

“They apply through Lebanese agencies in Lebanon through the security to acquire work visas and work permits for the ladies.”

The envoy added that most of the estimated 5,000 Nigerians living in his country were gainfully employed.

He confirmed that Lebanon and Nigeria had evacuated 500 ladies, with 200 more to be evacuated soon.

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