Laurie Idahosa advises Jada, says marriage not for entanglements

Pastor Laurie Idahosa has stated that marriage is not meant to be the place for “entanglements.”

This she said in reaction to Jada Pinkett-Smith’s confession of being in an entanglement with U.S singer August Alsina, outside her marriage with popular American actor Will Smith.

Laurie, who is married to Nigerian Pastor Feb Idahosa, admonished her followers on the sacredness of marriage.

According to her, a wife is meant to be entangled to her husband and vis versa. She urged people to read the bible and desist from destructive ideas.

”Marriage is not meant to be the place for “entanglements. You are meant to be tangled in a one-flesh, one love, one lover kind of commitment.

”Any questions, read your Word. Don’t let pop culture creep in and give you any stupid and self-destructive ideas unless of course, you want to visit divorce court in your near future”.

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