Lagos Health Commissioner clarifies death of Dubai returnee

Akin Abayomi, Lagos State commissioner for health, has said that one of the Dubai returnees who died upon arrival in Nigeria was not infected by COVID-19.

The commissioner has on Tuesday announced that a 32-year-old man died of COVID-19 complication on Tuesday.

However, Abayomi in a series of tweets on Thursday clarified the report initially made, stating that due to the situation surrounding his death it was presumed that he had died from Coronavirus disease.

“I hereby inform the general public that the Nigerian who recently returned from Dubai as part of a group of returnees who were placed in a COVID19 isolation program in Lekki developed complications and was transferred to one of our facilities where he died.

“Because of the sudden nature of his demise and without any prior knowledge of his multiple preexisting conditions it was presumed to be a COVID19 related death pending confirmation by COVID19 Gold standard test.

“This presumptive attribution is a precaution to ensure the safe clinical management of the patient and subsequent handling of the corpse.

“The definitive COVID19 gold standard test has turned out to be negative for the COVID-19 infection and his death is no longer considered to have been attributable to COVID19.”

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