Lafarge Plc reveals why it invited Italian man with Coronavirus to Nigeria

The Industrial Director of Lafarge Plc, Segun Soyoye, has explained why the company invited the unnamed Italian, who was isolated for Coronavirus a day after coming into Nigeria, to its Ogun State factory.

Soyoye said the Italian, who is currently being treated and observed at the Lagos State Biosecurity Facilities, had come into the country to inspect some installations of machines. Recall that Nairametrics had earlier reported that the Italian came to Nigeria for a short business trip.

Prof. Akin Abayomi

It was disclosed that at the time the Italian developed abnormal temperatures, which suggested he had been infected with Covid-19 (coronavirus), he had not visited the guest house at Ishofin Estate.

Soyoye revealed that, “The Italian came for a business visit. He was in Lagos on Monday and slept at Airport Hotel, Ikeja. Our driver took him there.

“When we observed abrnomal temperatures and symptoms, we quickly instituted an Emergency Response Team, which is led by the Company’s CEO. We have to find a way of analysing and identifying not only the Italian but also the other contacts.

“The contacts are now 39 and we have quarantined them, the house and clinic as well as the vehicles. We don’t take chances that is why they are put there.

“They will be there for 14 days. We will continue to observe them, we have their database, showing their biodata and other information.”

He added that, “The doctor is here and what he is doing is to check them on a regular basis. So far, everybody is stable. They are not symptomatic, we are providing everything for them over there.

“The other thing that I have not said is that the clinic that was used for the infected person is closed, disinfected and we moved everybody out.

“All the guys on duty that day, they were also quarantined, so they will be there for 14 days as well.”

Soyoye made this known while touring Lafarge facility at Ewekoro with Ogun State Government, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, and World Health Organisation teams.

Meanwhile, the team Leader, World Health Organisation, Nigeria, Ibrahim Mamadu, advised that digital thermometers should be acquired by companies to check body temperatures accurately, rather than the infrared thermometers.

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