LaCasera had an awkward Valentine’s Day moment with Gala, causing customers to react

At about 9:54 am on Valentine’s Day February 14th, a Twitter account supposedly linked to The LaCasera Company posted a rather interesting tweet in commemoration of lovers’ day.

Without mentioning Gala by name, the tweet hinted at a long-standing but unspoken “romantic” situation between the two brands. It also said that LaCasera wanted to publicly shoot its shots at “G-Babe” because it didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone.

“Dear G-Babe, you are such a snack. I’ve heard the whispers that we look good together. The perfect match that goes hand in hand. I must confess, I bubble on the inside whenever I see you, which is every time considering we are always together come rain come shine. We would be the cutest couple ever and be on everyone’s lips. So… here’s me shooting my shot. Fancy being a couple?”

We must agree that this is truly a funny tweet. Underneath the tweet is a genius marketing campaign that would have augured well for both brands. However, Gala Sausage Roll decided to kill the fun when it replied with this tweet.

It is unclear why Gala decided to dissociate itself from the communication, albeit in all caps. Perhaps, onlookers might have perceived Gala’s response as funny if it hadn’t been written with such seriousness. By the way, many people were upset by Gala’s response.

Other Twitter users shared screenshots of a similar banter between two different brands and how it was better handled. In one of these screenshots, Mercedes-Benz could be seen taunting Audi, even as BMW jumped in to have a say. Abd’Kareem told Gala to watch and learn from this.

More people simply noted that Gala’s response to the tweet was not very smart. Nifemi even stated that those handling Gala’s social media account has a lot to learn as far as social media marketing is concerned.

Indeed, this Twitter banter could have gone down better if Gala had just responded with an equally funny tweet. By the way, Gala, which is produced by UAC Foods Nigeria, is not the only sausage roll in the country. The brand now competes with other popular brands such as Beefie and others.

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