Kris Jenner Set To Give Family And Friends Botox As Xmas Gift

Kris Jenner is known for her age-defying looks and now she’s gifting her friends and family with Botox this Christmas.

The self-proclaimed momager, 64, has teamed up with Botox Cosmetic to promote their $100 gift card for the youth-preserving treatment.

And she is dishing out the gift cards to her loved ones as a festive treat.

TV’s most recognised mum told People : “If you’re responsible, and you talk to your doctor, I think it works. It’s something that I’ve been using for a long time.”

The American reality star announced her mother  Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell will be one of her loved ones to get a botox gift card left under their Christmas tree this year.

She said: “I also feel really blessed to have my mom still here feeling okay, and she’s 85 years old.

“I hope I have that adventurous spirit when I’m her age. She’s a joy. I’m going to give her a Botox gift card for sure.”

Kris said ‘personal care is really important’ to her and she has passed down that tradition.

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