Konga unveils new USSD features, ATM card-less initiative

One of the leading e-commerce in Nigeria, Konga has unveiled its cardless initiative tool for withdrawal and new Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) features to ease transactions for its numerous customers.

Vice-President, KongaPay, Joshua Fatoye while speaking on the new cardless initiative, said it would allow account holders to withdraw cash from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) nationwide, without a debit card.

On the step by step approach to using the cardless withdrawal, Fatoye said, “All the customers are required to do is to sign up on Kongapay.com and ensure that their KongaPay wallet is funded using any of the funding options. Then, the account holders need to log into their wallets via the web or app.

“Click on cash out from the wallet, and next on cardless cash out feature and input the amount and the beneficiary’s mobile number, By default, the customer’s mobile number will be on display. The customers can, however, input any valid mobile number of any recipient they wish to send money to. The beauty of the process is that the mobile number does not have to be registered on the KongaPay wallet.

“Next, the customers will then input their personal identification numbers (PINs) and One True Pairing (OTPs) to complete the transaction. Next, the customer who initiates the transaction will receive a message thus: “Your pay code request was successful”, and the beneficiary will get a short message service (SMS) notification with the withdrawal code details.

 “The recipient should go to any ATM, tap on any of the keys on the keypad to get the screen active a select card-less withdrawal/pay code cash out, depending on the bank’s ATM. Next, s/he is expected to input the 8 to 14-digit withdrawal code, earlier sent via SMS, and input the cash out PIN (sent via SMS). Lastly, the customer will then input the amount (in multiples of one thousand) and wait to collect the cash.”

The KongaPay boss also shed more light on the new USSD features, which he said was aimed at providing an alternative to the web and mobile channels. According to him, the USSD channel will boost financial inclusion for millions of unreached and under-served Nigerians.

What you should know: KongaPay is a secured payment platform licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Its features allow customers to complete peer to peer transfers, purchase digital goods, pay for Digital Satellite Television (DStv)subscription and airtime at discounted rates and so on.

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