Khloe Kardashian Shows Off An Entire Room Dedicated To Her Hair Extensions

Khloe Kardashian’s mansion has an entire room dedicated to wigs and hair extensions – and fans are very conflicted after laying eyes on it.

The unusual display was revealed by home organisation company, The Home Edit, who took to Instagram to share a glimpse of Khloe’s hair closet.

The pic reveals rows of neatly stocked hair pieces in a variety of shades – from honey blonde to bubblegum pink – which are neatly displayed on hangers for easy access.

Then on the top shelf of Khloe’s wardrobe sit numerous mannequin heads where the reality star stores her famous famous wigs.

35-year-old Khloe is known as something as a hair chameleon and is not afraid to switch up her look.

But seeing the reality of Khloe’s glam room left some fans divided.

“That’s disgusting,” one responded to the inside snap.

“What a unique space!” another cried.

While a third gushed: “”Omg this is so cool. Who doesn’t need a hair room?”

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