Tech companies in Nairobi have a new competitor in town and it’s Nigeria’s Bluechip Technologies. Establishing an office in the East African country means Bluechip Technologies is now present in four African countries.

With operations already established in Ghana and Zambia, Bluechip Technologies Managing Director, Victor Murage said the company’s presence in Kenya was to help proffer solution to the country’s business process automation challenge.

What you need to know: Bluechip Technologies Limited is a full-service business applications firm dedicated to providing vendor-neutral solutions that bring industry best practices to bear in developing client data management solutions.

The services rendered by Bluechips Technologies include infrastructure, consulting services and analytics which involves consolidating data from multiple data sources with varying data structures and providing insights on how to increase sales and revenue, acquire new customers, cut cost and improve customer service for companies.

Bluechip Technologies

Bluechip’s plan for Kenya: The company’s operation in Nairobi would be centred on Customer Master Data Manager and Cash Complete, a robust enterprise resource planning application designed to improve cash management.

Murage, who had previously headed the West African wing of American education technology company, Blackboard Inc, while speaking on behalf said the achievement of Bluechip Technologies cuts across the financial market and the telecommunications sector.

“We are a leading specialist business application and data management consulting firm, delivering world-class services and values in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We have helped several clients including banks and telcos turn their vital business data into a competitive advantage by implementing custom analytics solutions using Big Data and machine learning technologies.

“We believe that business process automation is a challenge in the East African region, that’s why we see the need to build our customer support centre in Nairobi. We have already started operation in our offices in Westlands.”