Kanye West Performs In Miami Covered In Head-To-Toe Chrome

Kanye West stepped out in head-to-toe chrome for his Opera, Mary, which took place at Miami Marine Stadium.

The rapper performed with members of the Sunday School collective, all of them also covered in silver.

The chorus of performers once again wore matching robes, but this time, everyone was head-to-toe sparkling silver—even their faces and hands were coated in metallic paint.

Kanye and the choir performed on a floating barge at the Key Biscayne waterfront, where they stood between sand-colored mounds and reenacted excerpts from the books of Matthew and Luke.

Throughout  the Opera Mary, Kanye read gospel passages aloud, much like he did in Nebuchadnezzar, only this time he was among the performers, costumed in the same shining garment as his co-stars.

A select few performers donned a different colored robe, including the woman who portrayed the Virgin Mary—hers was a glittering seafoam green.

See more photos of Kanye below:


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