Kano lion found in goats’ cage

The lion that reportedly escaped from the Kano Zoological Garden has been found, right inside the zoo.

It was found resting inside a cage that belongs to goat. The lion had devoured all the goats.

Head of the zoological garden, Sai’du Gwarzo confirmed the finding told BBC Hausa on Sunday.

“The rangers had succeeded in locking up the cage before the lion was shot with an injection which made him less harmful before it was captured and returned to its cage,” he said.

The escape was said to have occurred around 9 pm on Saturday when rangers were trying to put the lion back to its cage after returning from the national agricultural show which took place in Nasarawa State.

The incident caused panic among residents of Zoo Road. “My entire family members will be indoors even if it will take one month to recover the lion. I have not experienced this kind of fear since I packed into this area more than 15 years,” a resident had said.

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