Just in: 11 new cases of covid-19 confirmed, spreads to enugu

The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed 11 new cases of the coronavirus disease late on Friday. This brings the total number of cases of the covid-19 disease to 81 in the country.

The NCDC disclosed this through a tweet from their handle late on Friday.

A breakdown of the location of these new Covid-19 cases shows that for the first time, the disease has spread to the south eastern part of the country as 2 of the 11 new cases were confirmed in Enugu state.

Lagos State, which has been described as the country’s hotspot and the epicentre of the disease, has 8 new cases, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 52.

The other outstanding new case was recorded in Edo State.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the cases so far in the country:

Lagos  52
Abuja  14
Edo       2
Ogun    3
Oyo      3
Enugu   2
Bauchi  2
Ekiti      1
Rivers   1
Osun    1

Earlier on Friday, the NCDC had reported the discovery of five new cases, three in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and two in Oyo state. No new case was reported in Lagos.

But the last announcement on Friday further reinforces Lagos State status as the country’s hotspot and epicentre for the disease.

A total number of 16 new cases were confirmed on Friday.

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