It takes an astonishing degree of life-long attachment to serial falsehoods for anyone who dedicated the last five years of his existence , plotting the downfall of APC, to now suddenly flip, with the declaration, that he was ‘’returning home’’.

To which home is the Ize-Iyamu character referring? Perhaps to the palatial Edo State property which he converted to private ownership at the Ugbor Benin GRA venue where he purportedly made his ‘back to APC’ declaration .

So he is back to the APC, the very political structure whose roof he had boldly and loudly proclaimed that he would set on fire and whose foundation he boasted to demolish. Some more conscientious human beings would have had some restraint in the shameful political summersault that they were about to engage in, but of course, not Ize-Iyamu, one of the infamously notorious morally challenged politicians in the era of decadent history.

With no modicum of honor, Ize-Iyamu, had perfected a scheme of deception on his PDP followers for years by contorting a profile that he was akin to a general-commander, the master strategist, the very standard bearer of the party on whom leadership must always be bestowed. These are all mere tales full of fabulous sounds serenading a sinister POI Agenda. The irreversible truth is that Ize-Iyamu has always dwelled in the universe of falsehoods and worshipped before the altar of everything sneaky and surreptitious. The indelible chronicle of times will ultimately expose the dusty face beneath the glittering veneer that the flaky remnants of his supporters want to portray.

Edo people must not lose their memory of where they are coming from so that the collective direction forward will not be endangered and sabotaged. Character and trust are quintessential qualifications for genuine leadership especially for the crucial years of 2020.

For trusting, Ize-iyamu, with Edo State PDP coordinating role in the 2015 Presidential Election, the party ended up with an approximate one billion naira scandal. The putrid financial shenanigan arising from how the PDP campaign committee of which Ize-Iyamu was the coordinator disbursed the money is yet to be resolved. Would there not be reasonable grounds for deep suspicion that the lead actor in the quasi-criminal financial theatre is hurriedly attempting to escape from arena in search of a safe shelter?

It is almost five years now, and the PDP migrant is yet to address the promised national press conference where he (Ize-Iyamu) said that he would openly and freely answer all questions pertaining to the peculiarly notable 2015 heist of public funds.

The congenital liar that Ize-Iyamu is never rests. The situation therefore calls for eternal vigilance on the side of the people.

So it was in 2016 when he administered the dope of hope to his supporters promising that he was the chosen one to rescue the PDP from years of miserable defeat and exile to the glory of Osadebe Avenue Government House. The run- away PDP member, very well knew that he neither had the ability nor the capacity to deliver for the party on such promises.

He however rigged the party’s primary nomination process and fraudulently acquired the 2016 PDP gubernatorial ticket. The party loyalists discovered very late that, Ize-Iyamu, could hardly persuasively win his Ugboko ward in Orhiomwon Local Government area and very much less have control over any number of electoral districts.

Despite all his arrogant posturing, Governor Obaseki resoundingly trounced Ize-Iyamu with an 80 thousand vote gap in that election.

“Prophet’’ Ize-Iyamu’s journey and fake vision to lead his PDP supporters to the Promised Land in the 2016 election literally ended in the abyss of the Red Sea. The man of God , Prophet Moses, safely navigated the children of Israel through the treacherous Red Sea, but there is a huge difference between a man of God and a man trying to play the god of men .

Unfortunately ‘’Prophet” Osagie Ize-Iyamu lacks the moral compass for reflection , he’s intoxicated with blind ambition and so, he would not learn from the lesson of history . Even now while depreciating in the purgatory, since he is neither a registered member of APC nor PDP, Ize-Iyamu is serving the same menu of hallucinatory dishes to his co-travellers on a satanic propaganda that he was unstoppably poised to pick the APC 2020 governorship nomination. The infamous hawker of tantalizing shining but absolutely useless objects is back with his stock in trade.

But Edo people and voters have attained far higher level of consciousness than in 1999 – 2007 and would not allow some self-imposed political leaders and false prophets to recapture them for a journey back to the land of economic and financial bondage.

The PDP migrant, apparently does not believe that the financial and economic atrocities that he committed in those mournful years when he was offered opportunity at the apex of government, would serve as the periscope to project into what Ize-Iyamu would do if he rises to governorship. Such a situation would of course translate to horrific disaster for Edo state.

The former Chief of Staff and later Secretary to government in the PDP administration, Ize-iyamu, now talks of a future for Edo people. He must be suffering a selective form of critical amnesia to have forgotten that his crew wreaked, raped and stole the future of Edo State when they were in government.

The task of economic and political rehabilitation has just begun in earnest. The 8-year period in which Ize-Iyamu played the role of a co-governor of Edo State are regarded by political analysts as the ‘’wasted decade‘’ of Edo’s valuable life.

All of the public aspects of the state’s affairs were laid in ruins under the PDP migrant.

The education sector suffered grave neglect, teachers were pauperized due to several months of unpaid salaries, pensioners were sent to their early deaths because their welfare was not a priority under Ize-Iyamu’s’’ strategic planning’’.

Such employment and revenue generating entrepreneurial mainstay of Edo State like Urhonigbe Rubber Factory, Bendel Breweries, Ehor Fruit and Juice Company, Ikpeshin Marble Factory were all cannibalized and auctioned off to enrich individuals in Ize-iyamu’s cabal . Does this conduct under review presage the ‘’future’’ to which Ize-Iyamu is referring in his 2020 campaign?

There will be the unfailing consequence of History, Ize- Iyamu’s current political bid will also end as a catastrophic misadventure.


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