( Ogiemwonyi, Odubu and Airhiavbere in the Theatre of the Absurd)

It is profoundly regrettable to observe that these contemporary times will be chronicled as one of the most theatrically absurd and deeply deleterious to the polity of Edo State.

I dare suggest that there has been no other time in our recent history where the political arena is so ridiculously populated by all sorts of frail and fake characters so loudly and dubiously self-proclaiming their inordinate ambitions for the governorship seat.

And indeed more nauseating in the whole situation is the fact that all semblance of honor and sense of self-worth have been so crudely obliterated by some of the otherwise respected characters in the arena of contest.

Who could have imagined a setting where a non-member of a political party will seemingly occupy a position of “leadership” among other definitely more recognizable members of the political group in the club of governorship aspirants.

Why is Ize-iyamu who is not by any means a member of the APC being allowed to so fraudulently portray himself as the frontline candidate in the decrepit tent of the four aspirants? Contrary to the claim of the PDP political migrant, Ize-iyamu , is currently grossly deficit of the qualifications for legitimate membership of the APC .

The procedure for joining the political party are very clear, particularly the obligation that the newcomer must be formally accepted in his Ward. Is there any concrete evidence that Ize-iyamu has been accepted in his Ugboko Ward in Orhionmwon Local Government Area?

It is undoubtedly embedded in Ize-iyamu’s general life’s orientation to attempt entering into legitimate space through surreptitious routes and backdoors. That has been Ize-Iyamu’s modus operandi for most of his devious existence. The revered APC Chieftain, Professor Itse Sagay, who chaired the investigative committee on the criminal-like misconduct of Ize-Iyamu, then as a student at the University of Benin, cannot be surprised at the current sinister games involving the political migrant.

The leaders of the PDP will equally testify to how Ize-iyamu duped the confidence, turned and twisted their (PDP) nomination procedure, to emerge as the party’s governorship candidate in 2016. That’s how Ize-Iyamu lives his life, the ‘’Pastor’’ seeks to triumph by continuously trampling on decent values of human interaction. Perhaps,Ize-Iyamu feels even more emboldened this time because of the promise of ‘’corrupt protection’’ being offered the decamping PDP member by the suspended APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, another sinister character who mutually shares the philosophy of impunity with the ‘’ Pastor’’.

However, if Ize-iyamu is thoroughly known for whom he is regarding his abhorrent character profile, but what went wrong particularly with former Works Minister, Engr.Chris Ogiemwonyi, and Edo State former Deputy Governor Pius Odubu as both seem to be prancing and frolicking around the feet of the mere over bloated rodent, Ize-Iyamu.

It is not necessary to mention General Airhiavbere along with the other two supposed aspirants. To even call the currentlyOredo local government ward one suspended Airhiavbere one of the three blind mice is to dignify the supposed retired army general who is an absolute distraction in the current political battle.

Beyond the APC issue, Airhiavbere, is considered a disgrace to other serving and retired high ranking military officers of Benin origin who distinguished themselves in the strict professionalism. While such unblemished generals built unsoiled reputations, Airhiavbere, was probably manipulating documents at the “Pay and Records” division of the Nigerian Army for avaricious advancement. ( these are Oshiomhole’s words regarding Airhiavbere, not mine). The coming exposure of the documents regarding the discharge of Airhiavbere from the military will indeed prove very instructive.
While the tired ‘’General’’ can literally be described as a kind of financial and economic Lassa Fever rodent in the theatre of the 3 mice, Ogiemwonyi is rapidly collapsing into a vortex of psychological denigration.

Although it is unarguable that the deformed NNPC creature cannot rise to the level of a formidable governorship aspirant, one would have still expected, Ogiemwonyi, to focus on salvaging whatever was left of his reputation from the 2016 governorship primaries. And the way forward for, Ogiewonyi, the absentee politician is not to seal a matrimony with such malodorous pack of characters like Ize-iyamu and Oshiomhole.

As for the former deputy governor, Odubu, how many more rounds of insults and disrespect is he willing to condone from Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu? Despite all the abusive connivance against Odubu by Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu in the past, this time around, Oshiomhole has further showed his despicable contempt for his former deputy by skipping over Odubu, rather he sought out Ize-Iyamu to decamp for the purpose of being awarded the APC governorship ticket.

Ize-Iyamu used to gossip in the past that he rescued Odubu from the fringe of mental fermentation following the end of Odubu’s tenure in the House of Repreentatives. Ize-Iyamu would then narrate with hubris that Odubu had packed up preparing to return to his Uromehe village with regrets when he (Ize-Iyamu) gave Odubu a life-line by nominating him for deputy governor in 2006. That is how Ize-Iyamu portrays and ridicules the former Deputy Governor of our state.

Hopefully, the ex deputy governor will recover his cognitive ability to realize that he’s a mere pawn on the chess board of Oshiomhole’s political game.

The entire scenario is nauseating. To watch a group of Benin sons in the mode of three blind mice gnawing at each other and genuflecting before another deeply corrupt and over bloated rodent( Ize-Iyamu).

Meanwhile, all the four characters are inescapably entrapped in Oshiomhole’s iron cage. This cannot be the story of a historically great people. Oshiomhole must not be allowed to use the 2020 governorship race to further corrode the Benin prestigious heritage. The time for reawakening is now!

Oteghe Adams

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