Italy: Coronavirus death toll doubles in 4 days, now 2,158

Italy has released new coronavirus figures as it becomes the focus of attention due to the fast spread of the disease.

On Monday, the country disclosed that the recorded deaths have risen to 2,158.

This means that the number of fatalities has more than doubled since Thursday March 12.

Italian Civil Protection Department on Monday said confirmed cases also continues to rise.

The European nation now has 27,980 infections, compared to 15,113 just four days ago.

The Italian government has effected a near-total lockdown and approved €25 billion for emergency measures, including incentives for workers and and baby-sitting vouchers for parents.

Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, last December. It has spread to 150 countries and territories.

The World Health Organization (WHO) puts the global pandemic cases at about 165,000 and death toll nearly 6,500.

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