Italy allowing coronavirus patients above 60 to die: Israeli doctor

An Israeli medical doctor Gai Peleg has told Israeli television that in northern Italy the orders are not to allow those over 60 access to respiratory machines.

Israeli doctor Gai Peleg, who is currently working to save lives in Parma, Italy, told Channel 12 that things are only getting worse as the number of patients keeps growing.

The Jerusalem Post reported that as Peleg’s department receives coronavirus patients who are terminally ill the focus is to allow patients to meet loved ones and communicate with them during their last moments despite the quarantine regulations.

Peleg said that, from what he sees and hears in the hospital, the instructions are not to offer access to artificial respiratory machines to patients over 60 as such machines are limited in number.

Italy has suffered more coronavirus-related victims than China with 5,476 confirmed deaths and 5,560 confirmed patients in the last 24 hours.

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