Insecurity: NISE urges investment in satellite technology

The Nigerian Institute of Space Engineers (NISE) says investing in satellite technology and remote sensing would go a long way in addressing the spate of insecurity in the country.

Dr Sadiq Umar, the National Chairman of the institute said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Abuja.

Umar said that although other interventions by the Federal Government to secure the nation were making an impact but could be more effective if satellite technology and remote sensing was harnessed.

Remote sensing is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance which could be from an aircraft or satellites.

The chairman said: “remote sensing comprises of so many applications in agriculture like the food security, pest control, disease control and also in the area of national security.

“You can use remote sensing images which can come in 25 metres, 30 metres, two metres or even one-metre resolutions which can allow viewing things on the earth closely.

“Nigeria is having issues with terrorism and if we use remote sensing imager, you can track the movement of terrorists, the movement of their supply route.

“If you have the information, you can provide it to the security agents so that they can curtail the menace of terrorist activities especially in the North-East, pipeline vandalism in the South-South.

“Issues of kidnapping can be monitored using remote sensing satellite and data,’’ Umar said.

Umar further said that plans were already in place for the institute to create more awareness on the need to leverage on the benefits of remote sensing technology to the country.

He added that NISE would be holding its annual lecture in Abuja which would focus on “Remote Sensing Technology and National Security’’.

According to him, the lecture is meant to draw the attention of stakeholders toward investing in satellite technology.

He said that no country could develop without harnessing the benefits of the satellite, space technology.
Umar emphasised that Nigeria needed to leave the category of third world countries to a developed nation which could be achievable through satellite technology. (NAN)

By Ijeoma Olorunfemi

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