India topples Russia as world’s third worst-hit by coronavirus

India is now the world’s third worst-hit country by the coronavirus, toppling Russia from the position.

India now has a caseload of 687,760 cases, more than Russia’s 681,251.

After India posted a record 24,015 cases on Saturday, both nations almost matched their figures.

India had 673, 904 and Russia 674,515.

However, today’s figures saw India blasting past Russia.

While Russia announced 6,736 cases, India posted 13,856 cases.

India also has a bigger death toll than Russia.

While India has so far recorded 19,568 deaths, including 289 on Sunday, Russia has 10,161 deaths.

Brazil and the United States are the other two nations with worse grim statistics, in terms of confirmed cases.

The United States is accelerating to the 3 million mark in cases.

It has unrivalled death toll of 132,240, out of a global total of 543,861 according to figures published by

Brazil, the second worst hit nation has 1,578,376 cases and 64,365 deaths as at Saturday.

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