In Portugal, one can now die when he wants

The Portuguese parliament has approved five government legislative proposals to legalize euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally sick in the country.

The five proposals were presented Thursday by ruling Socialist Party (PS in Portuguese), Left Block (BE), People Animals Nature party (PAN), The Greens (PEV) and Liberal Initiative (IL).

In the 230-seat parliament, 223 lawmakers took part in the voting.

The proposal from the PS received 127 votes in favour and 86 against.

There were 10 abstentions.

Legislators rejected a proposal of euthanasia in 2018.

“This will be a long process, but I hope everything goes well”, said Parliament Speaker Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues when leaving the General Assembly.

The five proposals will now be discussed by the General Assembly to create a joint one to be approved.

It will finally be sent to the president for approval.

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